a passion for telling the story

We understand the anxiety and stress that comes with finding a production company that will steward your financial investment well. We come alongside you through every step of the filmmaking process to alleviate these fears. Vast Whisper Productions is a film and video production company located in Texas near downtown Houston. The clients that hire us receive videos that not only tell their brand's story clearly and cinematically but they also gain loyal customers through engaging video content. 

Creating Brand loyalty

Most videos produced today have the goal of sharing information or statistics which isn’t bad but that does not always equate to gaining loyal customers. This is where we fill the gap. Our team understands that you are passionate about your product, the same way that we are passionate about telling stories.  We find the story your clients need to hear to become bought in to your organization or business. A story can emotionally engage a client where stats that only bring awareness cannot.

The Story Begins with You

We believe stories are the key to captivating an audience. We have all seen stat's on how great a company's product is or how many lives a non-profit is saving but it is not until we hear someone's story that we begin to feel drawn into the heartbeat of that organization. This is where Vast Whisper Productions comes in. We know how to find which stories to tell and why. We work alongside you, your goals and your vision to help your organization succeed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build fruitful relationships while doing the most to provide high quality and affordable video services to our clients. Being a client-focused company, we partner with you to ensure your vision is carried through to the end. Vast Whisper Productions specializes in corporate videos, non-profit video productiondocumentaries and aerial videography .                  

Professional brands need professional videos so contact us today