Wedding Filmmaking

Hey guys! If you are reading this then I can assume you are already interested in having your wedding filmed. My goal in writing this blog is to give you more insight into what goes into the making of the wedding films we create since it is very different than wedding photography and many other videographers. I also want to encourage you to not settle for your average videographer but find one that is going to create a unique wedding film for you! You as a couple have a very unique story and your wedding film should reflect that. You should expect your wedding film to have a cinematic look, be emotionally engaging, and tell your story in an artistic way! 

I have a PHOTOGRAPHER, why do I need a video?

I first want to address those of you that are still skeptical about having a wedding film made. It is said that a photo is worth a thousand words. I would say that a video is worth a million. If you want the emotion and to feel what it was like to be at your wedding then a wedding film is the way to go. Your wedding day is going to fly by and video captures the emotion of the night in a way that photos just can't. Don't take my word for it though, here is a list The Knot put together of what couples said about having a wedding videographer.

Why is it so expensive?

The average price of hiring a wedding videographer is $3,000-$5,000. Wedding films are as expensive and can be even more expensive than a wedding photographer which some clients do not understand. I use the term "film" as well as many other wedding filmmakers because we are creating a story that portrays all of the emotion and beauty of your special day told in a cinematic way. Many videographers do not do this in a beautiful and engaging way. My goal for all of my clients is that they would feel the emotion again as if they were reliving the moment. This requires a lot more skill and effort than setting up a camera that will film a static image of the room (something I have seen done before). I am constantly running around during weddings to find the most creative shots I possibly can that will capture the emotion of the moment. To capture all of these moments, sometimes a second and third videographer is necessary. I always encourage my couples to have a second shooter for at least the ceremony.

There is also the editing process. Having someone who can edit well is equally as important as having a skilled videographer. The editing process is what brings your story to life. Its very important to have someone who can tell a story well and in a way that you like. This is one of the greatest differences in what a photographer provides compared to a videographer. Videographers not only color correct their images but also piece them together in a way that best tells a story. I take great detail in creating a specific color look for each wedding film and choose the best music on the market that fits with the mood of the wedding. Both of these take a great deal of time but produce beautiful results.  Something else that can make a world of difference is the gear.

A wedding videographer's gear bag can range from $6,000-$20,000 which is quite a bit more than any photographer. Something important to have is a videographer who either has lights or a camera that can record in low light situations. We happen to use the best low light camera on the market to shoot weddings. We also record all of our weddings in 4K which has significant benefits when editing even if the client is not asking for a 4K video. These benefits include the ability to perfectly frame each shot, produce a very sharp image, the ability to export photos, and added stability which are things the client will notice in their film. There is also a whole list of gear we bring to help achieve beautiful imagery throughout the films we create. Some of those items are gimbles, drones, sliders, wireless microphones (typically worn by the groom during the ceremony), monopods and tripods. Now that you know all of this you can see that to create a beautiful wedding film it takes a lot of time, effort and gear which means it costs money especially if they are hiring second and third shooters. Having a good wedding film made is worth the investment though. 

Here is a website that can help you cut costs at your wedding which will make hiring a good videographer easier.

There is a difference between a video and a film.

As I mentioned before some videographers will literally set up a camera, leave it alone and let it run. Is that something you want or do you want someone who is constantly looking for the next moment to capture? Something that is overlooked by videographers and some couples the day of their weddings are the details. I always make sure to capture the small details of the wedding in an artistic way which is something very few videographers do. In my opinion what some videographers offer as a service is nothing short of what one of your relatives could do for you with a GoPro. I am not encouraging hiring a DIY videographer though. Something worth considering is taking a look at what you could cut out of your wedding to get a decent videographer who isn't going to waist your money. In the grand scheme of your wedding, spending another $1,500-$3,000 to hire a good videographer is the most worth while investment you can make other than having a photographer. So if that means cutting out filet minion from the menu it might just be worth it. And speaking of the dinner, odds are you won't even remember what you had for dinner at your wedding in 5 years.

The Huffington Post wrote one of the best wedding video articles I have found. I hope you take the time to look through it.

Here are a few other links to check out if you still need a little convincing that a wedding film is right for you!


I hope all of this was able to help you understanding what goes into making a wedding film. If you have any questions I would love to answer them so please feel free to contact us and we look forward to working with you! 


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