My favorite LUTS for the Sony A7sii Cine4 Picture Profile

I have been using the Sony A7sii video camera for over a year now and still love it! From the low light sensitivity to the internal 4K and 120fps in 1080 its hard to beat this camera for the price. I started shooing in SLOG 3 which a lot of people complained about getting the exposure right with. After struggling with SLOG 3 in run and gun situations I came across the Cine4 profile hack that WhoIsMatt a fellow wedding videographer later did a video on. Im not going to go into details about Cine4 but WhoIsMatt does a great in depth review of it here

This Cine4 picture profile has pretty much the same dynamic range as SLOG 3 without the exposure headaches and noise a lot of people run into.  I can't remember how I found these LUTS but after some searching I came across James Miller's DELUTS. I love these LUTS and he gives you a bunch for the CINE4 profile that I really like. I have attached his preview video of the LUTS below. 

Hopefully this was helpful and I would love to hear what you favorite LUTS are in this bundle!