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Wedding Filmmaking

Wedding Filmmaking

Hey guys! If you are reading this then I can assume you are already interested in having your wedding filmed. My goal in writing this blog is to give you more insight into what goes into the making of the wedding films we create since it is very different than wedding photography and many other videographers. I also want to encourage you to not settle for your average videographer but find one that is going to create a unique wedding film for you! You as a couple have a very unique story and your wedding film should reflect that. You should expect your wedding film to have a cinematic look, be emotionally engaging, and tell your story in an artistic way! 

Animating Characters in After Effects

GIGL TV was a fun project I had the privilege of working on this past year. During the project we needed to create a 3D animation but we were limited on time. We had to be able to create the animation in about 3 days and we weren't sure on what style to use. After some research I came across multiple animation styles but the only one that was going to work was the flat vector based 3D look. 

A great way to create vector based animations is by using the puppet tool in Adobe After Effects. I did this for the first time on this project where we told the story of King David in the Bible. It was a simple way to make this story come alive in a way that really grabbed the kids attentions.  

Illustrator allows you to create a really simple yet cool flat 3D look in After Effects. You create a parallax motion by staggering your illustrator files in 3D space which gives realism to the world and adds the feeling of depth. I followed this tutorial to make the animation.